Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?
Yes quite a bit
14% (91 votes)
Yes some
16% (104 votes)
Yes, but rarely
22% (143 votes)
49% (327 votes)
Total votes: 665

Time to bust or confirm an audiophile stereotype: David Chesky is wondering if you ever listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Stephen Curling's picture

The above genres aren't my usual cup of tea, but from time to time I'll hear something I like or I'll pull out an old CD I haven't heard in a while and give it another listen.

Pradeep's picture

I do listen to rap/hip-hop, but I am very selective. Compared to other styles, I listen to rap/hiphop very rarely. The last rap album I listened to was The Eminem Show.

Dean Swift 58's picture

Antipop Consortium, DJ Shadow, Dr Dre, and Missy Elliot are all great music-makers!

Ceallach's picture

Frankly, I prefer music with balanced tones. That means no chest-thumping bass, no ear-bleeding highs—not too much of anything. And I also prefer to listen to music that is created with instruments, without digital assistance at the time of recording.

Mark's picture

I never listen to it, although I have tried. So much of it is stale and predictable. These days it almost sounds like there are just one or two bands that record everything. The beats, the vocals—I swear I've heard it all before.

tonye's picture

Sorry, I just can't get my head wrapped around the "machismo" and misogyny that form the basis of rap music.

realmusicfan's picture

I would have checked off the "Never" answer, but to be honest when you are out driving and stopped at a stoplight you are sometimes forced to listen to it played at high dB by the jerk in the next vehicle. I have to assume that at least a few other drivers listen to some actual music while they out on the road but at reasonable sound levels so it is not obvious. But on the bright side, aficionados of this so called music will soon have the option of listening to that great hip hop artist River Phoenix belting out some classics. Last thought. David I assume you have no plans to enter either of these music genre. Well at least you have had a good run distributing actual music.

Perry's picture

Only for as long as it takes me to get away or turn it off!

martin van der linden's picture

it's not "music," it's spoken rhythm.

Geoffrey S's picture

Sorry, I didn't understand the question—you used the words hip-hop, rap, and music together! Music?

Lila's picture

Never. I've heard a tiny amount of hip-hop over ten years ago that was listenable. Other than that all I've heard is unbelievably annoying modern slow hip-hop.

EG's picture

I cannot make an emotional connection with this music. I wish that Chesky would find more singers like Sara K. and Rebecca Pidgeon from the releases he made several years ago. Those were the good old days!

Woody Battle's picture

Twenty years from now there will be absolutely zero rap or hip-hop albums that are considered classics.

Gavin Price's picture

It's an interesting point, but I think one of the main ways in which audiophiles are unfair to hip-hop is by lumping it all together as one genre and assuming all hip-hop sounds like the stuff they hear on the TV. It's a diverse genre with many truly gifted producers active.

Ashimi Adefesobi's picture

And your point is?

Vincent's picture

The older stuff can be pretty engaging, but once "gangsta" took over, the genre seems to glorify scum.

L.  Johnson's picture

Absolutely not! I actually listen to music.

Steven's picture

Yes, some, because I like to hear new music. Artistry isn't confined to approved genres. There is nothing worse than seeing a room full of 50-year-old men all listening to classic rock and telling themselves, "it was all about the music back then!" Yeah, right.'s picture

MC 900 Foot Jesus is the only one that's worthy of the effort to put on my table.

Nik from Chicago's picture

Well, my first response is to take offense to the question; that rap or hip-hop could be called the same word as Bach or Mozart: music. However, there are times when I am somehow in the mood pump up the volume, shake the rafters, and jive to rhythmic, senseless repetition.

M.  Damone's picture

Like every other genre of music, there are good examples and bad examples. If you are not into rap and all you hear is whatever is played the loudest from someone's car stereo, you are bound to hate it. If all you ever heard of rock was the commercial top 40 you might have a similar distaste for that as well.

Thomas's picture

I play rap or hip-hop "music" to break in new speakers, usually when I'm not home to hear it. It's an old CD I picked up for free at a record store years ago. I don't even know who it is by, I never bothered to read it nor have I listened to more than 30 seconds of it. Stanley Crouch explained what rap or hip-hop is about.

mark higgins's picture

i'll listen to anything that i think is good3irrespective of genre.

Angsuman Roy's picture

Some of it has real musical value, I just wish they applied better standards in mastering. They're generally horribly compressed.

FearlessLeader's picture

Never! "Rap music" and "hip-hop music" are what are known as "oxymorons."

Steve's picture

Beasties, N.W.A., De La Soul, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Kanye West, Dizzee Rascal, Hilltop Hoods...There's a lot of good rap and hip-hop out there. It's just not always easy to find what you like.

R's picture

It's not music, it's ranting.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Only the short moment when it pops out of the radio before I switch channels.

westcoastman's picture

My musical tastes are elsewhere.

Andrea Tubaro's picture

High-end audio is for music, there are too few good recordings of fundamental stuff like J.S. Bach and Mozart!