Do you have need for a USB DAC?

Do you have need for a USB DAC?
Yes, and I already have one
37% (172 votes)
Yes, and I'm thinking of buying one
32% (146 votes)
No, not right now
12% (53 votes)
No, don't want one.
15% (67 votes)
Not sure
5% (21 votes)
Total votes: 459

USB endowed DACs appeared all over CES last week. Do you have need for one?

Paul's picture

I have no need for a DAC with a USB input. I own the technology, however, and I am just being lazy in transferring my CD collection to a suitable HD. No doubt my transport will last quite a few more years yet, but once it does break down... What are the differences in the technical issues in transmitting digital information to a DAC from a transport and a HD?

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I have had a Benchmark DAC1 with M-Audio Transit for six years for my Toshiba laptop. It's great. I think nobody can beat this combination for this price.

Lawrence Marshall's picture

I have a Devilsound v2, which is perfect for my needs at the moment. I love it.

DR's picture

Not sure USB is the best way to go. Seems manufacturers are catering to the crowd that is content to boot their computers up in order to play their music. Surely a NAS (for instant-on) and some sort of Sonos-like always-on hardware for connection/interface to your system (must be 16-bit and 24-bit) should be where they concentrate their efforts? With an iPhone/iPod Touch app for control, of course.

Don's picture

Although I voted "yes," I currently do not have a need for a USB connection. However, I would like this feature in any new equipment. I'm currently running an Airport Express connected to the RCA connections on the back of a Krell preamp. Wireless control is through a Macbook Pro. Same connection with my iPod and it works and sounds great. The only use for a USB connection would be for an NAS drive. Connecting a computer directly to a DAC by way of USB just seems limit the control options.

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I need one for the office. With the option of connecting either my computer or DAP.

Anonymous's picture

Not necessarily a USB connection, but definitely a means of playing tracks off a hard disk—server or otherwise. Currently using Logitech Transporter, plus Squeezeboxes and a Nuforce Icon mobile for headphones.

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And it's great!

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I really need a digital preamp.

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Would to try out some hi res downloads, don't like the idea of computers and hi-fi mix, though.

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