Do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?

Do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?
Yes, by a long shot
41% (33 votes)
Yes, a bit more
15% (12 votes)
Just the right amount
5% (4 votes)
No, I need more
40% (32 votes)
Total votes: 81

Setting aside radio and streaming sources, when it comes to your collection—LPs, CDs, computer, tapes—do you have more music than you'll ever be able to listen to?

djl's picture

Being a former DJ has its perks and I like it like that! I can't get to all of it, but it gives me reason to clean my space up to be able to get to some of the "treasures" locked in the grooves, or pits, as it were.

DM in MO's picture

I'll always want more. Need? That's a different thing altogether. I think sometimes I have all I need, until I discover a new artist whose music mesmerizes me. Something fresh and vital! Artists like A Fine Frenzy, whom I just discovered via a blog here on the ol' Stereophile website (THANKS!).

pgaron's picture

Yes, and I'm wondering how my heirs will dispose of my painstakingly acquired classical CD collection. It will probably end up in a landfill somewhere.

Aaron G's picture

My iTunes library is only around 22 days, and considering I have around another 30,000 days to listen to music, I've got a long way to go.

Don C's picture

With just 1300 LPs, I have many that I have not heard! I like hearing the best LPs over and over, and save the "never heard" LPs for a rainy day or when I need something new! It's a "library" of albums after all.

Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark's picture

The eye is always hungrier than the, ear—well, anyway, during the late '80s and early '90s, I bought stacks of LPs at quite high prices before they would sell out. In the last few years, it's the good deals on classical CD's combined with web shopping that have led me to buy more than I can consume.

Alex's picture

Hey, you got something against '45s and '78s? Anyway, at 45 years old I probably still could listen to all of it before I die, once, if I stopped doing lots of other things (including buying more records!) and just cleaned and listened. It's not a matter of "able to," as you say in the question, but a matter of "likely to"—and I know that I'm likely to kick the bucket owning thousands of as-yet-unlistened-to rekkids...

Johny B.  Good's picture

Over 200 years—and I keep buying music.

KRB's picture

Huh? How could you ever have enough? That's like asking if I've had enough of the Internet.