Do you have a local audio shop that you like?

Do you have a local audio shop that you like?
53% (102 votes)
Pretty much
17% (33 votes)
They're okay
9% (17 votes)
Not really
13% (26 votes)
Absolutely . . . NOT!
8% (16 votes)
Total votes: 194

One of the keys to enjoying the tweak audio hobby is having a good place to learn about the art of sound. A good dealer can also help you make good choices for your personal needs when it's time to buy.

Jeremy Siegrist's picture

When you're new to high-end audio, a helpful dealer is imperative. I walked in just after lunch one day and left just before dinner, a much wiser and discerning listener.

Vince Quaresima's picture

Avalon Audio/Video in Medford, NJ is one of the finest high-end shops I've ever encountered. Knowledgeable, well-stocked, diverse inventory, and ethics beyond reproach.

Alan Graham's picture

If it's a dealer with integrity and a salesperson who really listens to you before you listen to their equipment, they're indispensible.

Hai Tran's picture

They want to sell boxes. Some seem not to, but these are smarter---they want to sell bigger boxes!

Anonymous's picture

That's true that a good dealer can help you choose . Without my local dealer (Ambrosia, Bel Air) I will never get the knowledge of high end. However, you still have to trust your ears first.

Bob Wood's picture

My dealer is blind. He's low-key. He has never hyped me. In return, I don't shop for a chance to save $100. Audio Perfection, Minneapolis, MN.

Roland H.  Goupil's picture

Ensemble Music ,Nashua N.H.

dominic Leone's picture

Knowledgable, no pressure, and the owner remembers my name between semi annual visits.

Sniper (Hong Kong)'s picture

Yes,that's right.But unfortunately I still looking for a audio shop in Hong Kong that I can trust.Because they just concern how to earn your money.

Bob Haddard's picture

Audio Visions in West Babylon is the best dealer in Suffolk Co., and possibly all of New York.

Phil Barton's picture

My local dealer (K-Labs Audio, Tulsa, OK) has been one of the most helpful and enlightening I've ever come across. My knowledge level has increased primarily due to them. They treat their customers like their friends. I'll never shop anywhere else. I'm a customer for life!!

Bob Sherman's picture

Brooks Berdan, Ltd. in Monrovia, California. He is the epitome of graciousness, professionalism, honesty, and knowledge.

Bruce C.  Wanner's picture

A good stereo shop should be one that keeps you coming back, even if you don't agree with them about everything.

John Lendel's picture

I always visit the shops, the best place to learn.

Damien Foglio's picture

Sound Hounds of Denver CO is absolutely the best and most helping shop I have been to. New the hobby, and not knowing much, they took time with me and taught me things that I have never even thought about. They let me go in and listen to products for hours. I have never felt so welcomed and understood. They are fantastic.

J.  Gawaziuk's picture

They carry the only selection of MoFi and JVC XRCD in town . . .

James M.  Sevey's picture

Small shop, limited selection, but good values, I.e. Paradigm, Acurus, Denon, VPI, Mission.

Marcus Slade's picture

Sound Plus and Commercial Electronics, both of Vancouver, BC. Audio retailers, however, need to overcome a problem that is virtually pandemic in their business: trashing the products that are not for sale on their shelves! Much could also be done to cultivate a dialogue with customers. Afterall, these goods are not bought with the frequency of groceries. Encourage the customer to come back frequently. To the credit of Earl Heinrichs at Sound Plus, I am almost always offered a cappucino when I visit. Now...about that Linto?!

Dan Starr's picture

Fairport Soundworks in Rochester, NY. Jim Richardson has taught me more about the enjoyment of music than anyone I can recall. That's what makes the store great -- they enjoy the music and let you listen.

Ron Rohlfing's picture

Dan at Arizona Tube Audio is the best stereo salesperson that I have ever encouterd. By selling me a set of RoomTunes and telling me how to set up my speakers properly he has taken my system several steps further towards audio nirvana. He always has time to answer my many questions, even the ones that must seem incredibly stupid to him. If the time ever comes that I need a new amp, or pre-amp, or cd player, Dan's the man. If You live in the Valley of the Sun, you have to check AZ Tube Audio out. They are also on the net, but I don't know the address.

Michael G.  Hultquist's picture

The most important thing about a good dealer-aside from product knowledge-is that he or she listen to you the buyer.

Rob's picture

Dealers generally give you advice on the products they sell...and those are not necessarily the best match for your system. That means you still need to canvass across several dealers to get the real scoop!