Do you care about DRM technology being used with the music you buy?

With official audio downloads and even CDs and high-rez audio now encumbered with DRM (digital rights management) technology, it would appear we are at the dawn of the restricted music format age. Is this a problem for you, or just another bump in the audio road?

Do you care about DRM technology being used with the music you buy?
DRM drives me nuts
59% (107 votes)
It bothers me a lot
26% (47 votes)
Don't like it
9% (16 votes)
Don't care
6% (11 votes)
Kind of like it
1% (1 vote)
Really like DRM
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 182

Ripped in Vancouver's picture

The presumption that I am a criminal, after I shelled out my money to buy the CD, is galling.

OvenMaster's picture

The concept of DRM drives me nuts, but in practical terms, it's easily defeated, so it's no major problem at all for me.

COT's picture

If it has DRM, I won't buy it. Period.

DT's picture

I refuse to buy any music with DRM.

Rob's picture

I will not buy any music in any format that uses DRM technology. No way.

Jebediah Springfield's picture

If I know that something has DRM, I won't buy it.

Jebediah Springfield's picture

If I know that something has DRM, I won't buy it.

mike dietrich, munich/germany's picture

I don't buy DRM-locked products. Why should I? I never exchanged files or music over the web and I'd like to have the chance to do a copy for my car system etc.

Brad - Libertarian - Atlanta's picture

I pay for every note of music I hear. I want to. If you think music should be free, you should perform YOUR job for no pay. Do not want to, huh???? Now you get it!!!!! Communism and socialism failed for a reason.

Xfab's picture

To keep music industries Companies profitable!

Jeff's picture

Sony/BMG is the DRM dragon while Sony Vaio makes a 200 disc CD ripper. Go figure!

Ralph Purtcher's picture

DRM prevents me from ripping SACDs and DVD-As to my computer audio system. As a result, I don't buy either.

Donald N.'s picture

Not me. Never. Affects sound quality, punishes the customer and why bother when alternatives are still available.

walkman's picture

I paid for it; I should be able to copy or edit it.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I do purchase music but I still have a cassette deck in my car and at home. I try not to put my cd's at risk in the car so I tape music for trips.

Robert Lundemo Aas's picture

If it uses DRM I know it will give me a lot of problems playing it on all my devices so I simply avoid buying it. By error I once bought a music disc (No one makes CD's any more) with so-called "copy protection", I had yo make a copy in order to play it. I had no problems making a copy and playing the copy, but the original simply would not play. Why can't the industry stop harrasing those who want to pay for the product?

Bob's picture

I will not buy a CD or DVD that I cannot make a backup copy of.

Glenn Bennett's picture

It appears the music business will put the screws to anyone to make a buck. With their attitude they should get into gasoline sales (now I wish I hadn't said that!!)

tonyE's picture

DRM is a dead on arrival deal ith me. DRM means (a) I will not use buy it and (b) I will search the internet for the cracking software that surely will follow any DRM. Just make the software cheap enough and stop spending money on phyrric crusades that do nothing but bug the buying public. Enough!

Clay White's picture

I make every effort to purchase around it - vinyl is my primary format these days together with such CD suppliers as Mapleshade.