Do you buy new LP records?

The vinyl boom is one thing, but do analog-loving audiophiles actually buy new records? How about you? Do you buy new LP records?

Do you buy new LP records?
Yes, I buy a lot of new records!
29% (146 votes)
Yes, but it's a mix of new and used.
43% (216 votes)
No, I find 'em on the street for free!
1% (5 votes)
No, I buy used records at yard sales for 25 cents a pop!
6% (29 votes)
No, I already have all the records I need!
4% (21 votes)
I don't spin vinyl
17% (84 votes)
Total votes: 501

tavares's picture

It is a bit depressing how few new LPs are made nowadays.

Frank, Greenville, SC's picture

I buy the good stuff that is released on vinyl, although most new music is CD only. I also buy used records that are either in better condition than what I already own, or I have lost, or never had before. If more was released, I would buy it.

Big Daddy's picture

I'd buy more if there were more reissues and new jazz.

james madore's picture

Tons—Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Suicide, Ramones . . . .

Zoykey's picture

Whenever something I think I have to have comes around, but not very often.

Rega Fella's picture

One or two brand new records every week for the last 23 years. One or two used LPs a year. I'd be a lot richer if it was the other way around.

S.  Chapman's picture

Since most of my listening these days is done by way of a music server, I've pretty much given up the LP buying habit.

Nodaker's picture

I checked no, I have all the records I need because a used LP store was not an option (only new & used). I don't buy new LPs, only occasionally do I buy used, but I still have thousands of old ones I intend to transfer to CD—long process.

Francisco's picture

It really depends on the title. Though I do try to purchase the best sounding version, whether new or old.

Niklas Svensson's picture

With prices on used records rising fast here in Europe, it feels like a better deal to buy new records and there are a lot of new releases with very good quality out there. Enjoy!

Stephen Mejias's picture

While I do buy lots of very inexpensive used LPs, I also buy lots of brand-spanking-new LPs. I love them. I've purchased somewhere around 400 LPs in the last 10 months. In that same time period, I've purchased just one compact disc.

mjs's picture

The last virgin LP I bought was at 2007 RMAF. I thought I'd give vinyl another shot. I played it twice and put it back in its jacket. My quality CDs sound just as warm and balanced but are more dynamic, have better soundstaging, imaging, blah, blah. I know for big $$$ I could update my TT to sound as good as my CDP (SA-8001), but what's the point, really? I can always clean my old records and look at album art when I wax nostalgic.

Bert Cattoor's picture

I can't tell you how happy I am to find Blue Note re-issuing their catalog on vinyl.

JT's picture

I sold all my records after the CD invasion was complete. It was a sacrifice in audio quality, but I was won over with the convenience. Some newer CD recordings are quite good actually, compared to old recordings. And I'm not talking about the SACD or DVD-A format. This completes my conversion to the dark side.

rickla's picture

I don't even have space for CDs.

Klen's picture

A lot of good quality stuff also gets reissued with even better sound quality.

Paul Costa's picture

Usually I buy new, but always look at the used stuff too.

stu's picture

I am not neophobic, but not every LP can be found in new condition—car boot sales are winners, if you don't mind bringing home a few scatches.

rvance's picture

I'd love to buy more new vinyl, but those $25-$50 a pop audiophile pressings are too expensive! No vinyl stores out here in the wild Cal/Ore coast, so I look for bargains on Amazon (sorry MusicDirect—no can afford).

Ken's picture

So much vinyl, so little time!

Ken Cate's picture

I probably buy four or five new records a month and two or three times that many "used."

Jeff P's picture

There are great recordings on vinyl for a couple of bucks. I finished out my Pat Metheny collection with $.99 and $1.99 recordings. I also love all the "new" shellac 180 gram offerings. Vinyl is the best buy available. If you don't have a good record player you are missing out.

Steve's picture

Love the rerelease of old & new classics on 180gm vinyl.

Chris's picture

There are so many wonderful indie-rock LPs hitting the streets these days, you could go broke trying to keep up with it all.

TGD's picture

About one record per month, 50% new, 50% used.

Mika Ropponen's picture

Yes, I buy some new records but I hate to say that quality of the most of them is not satisfactory. I do not know what the market opinion about the quality is, but mostly the sound is tight, cold, and thin. I must say that most of the old recordings are much better, more musical.

Hugo's picture

Some new records that are recorded in digital sound harsh; however, there are some which pass as acceptable. Usually the simplest recording is the best. There is nothing simpler than analogue, and this is where the music comes out. Analog done well is far superior to any digital. unfortunately they stopped making second-hand records a long time ago (ha ha), and vinyl still sounds better, so as long as I'm into music I'll buy new records.

michaelavorgna's picture

And I buy a lot of used records! The vinyl boom is in full bloom at our house (and I'm not talking about the 45RPM 180g reissue Kind of Colossus Plays King Oliver at the Famous Blue Pawnshop with Jacintha).

Jeff Malloch's picture

At 0-5 bucks for a used album it's hard not to try that first. But that oh so good feeling of spinning that album for the first time also rules! Either way vinyl rocks (and just happens to sound the best too)!

K.  Anderssen's picture

I still buy new records but not nearly as often as 10 years ago. Now that everyone has figured out that the kids think records are cool, the price has gone up to the point where I'm out of the game. $30-$50 for a single LP? Not for me.