Do you buy new LP records?

The vinyl boom is one thing, but do analog-loving audiophiles actually buy new records? How about you? Do you buy new LP records?

Do you buy new LP records?
Yes, I buy a lot of new records!
29% (146 votes)
Yes, but it's a mix of new and used.
43% (216 votes)
No, I find 'em on the street for free!
1% (5 votes)
No, I buy used records at yard sales for 25 cents a pop!
6% (29 votes)
No, I already have all the records I need!
4% (21 votes)
I don't spin vinyl
17% (84 votes)
Total votes: 501

Walter Purdy's picture

The care and feeding of vinyl only cuts into listening time. I'd recommend a good DAC!

Perry's picture

When I can find what I want, at a price I can afford, I buy it. New, used—doesn't matter!

Rj C's picture

Buy new ones, steal Dad's old ones.

Shahrukh Dandiwala's picture

Just started buying 'em off Amazon. But the shipping kills!

vinyl o'sux's picture

vinyl sux

Richard Tollerton's picture

The mastering differences between vinyl and CD are too slight, and the quality control often too poor, to justify almost all new vinyl purchases nowadays. I do not care for tactile feedback.

Enny Arrouw's picture

High-resolution digital is the way to go. 24/96kHz at least, and it will be more accurate than any LP.

Typical Teenager's picture

The whole notion of paying is absurd, let alone giving money for some big, black piece of plastic holding under an hour of music. I only download, at the lowest possible resolution. I only pay for live music, when I can't get in for free. You should get out more.

CB in NJ's picture

I mostly buy used LPs on eBay or find them at garage/rummage sales. Once in a while I buy new audiophile vinyl.

ystein's picture

I usually buy old records because they either are cheaper, or they are unavailable on new records (those are usually more expensive). New bands, I do of course, buy new.

O Lagarde's picture

Too many recordings are only available on used vinyls, mostly old classical recordings. Better choice in jazz and pop music.

Lila's picture

I have just a few records, bought second-hand. I was going to get into vinyl, then did some research and am changing my mind.

stavros's picture

Of course I do, nothing beats entering a real record shop.

Tunablues's picture

I buy some new but mostly used LPs. There are two local stores in my area that sell both new and used, so I am lucky. I find if you get used LPs that are not abused and have a way to give them a good wash, more times than not they sound great. Saves some money too. But sometimes the choices in the new stacks are hard to pass up, especialy in jazz. So get you a record cleaning machine and experience great music that you would not even try if you had to pay list price for it new. Sometimes a dollar or two will give you nirvana with used LPs.

BeeJayDeeJay's picture

I am completely satisfied with my digital system. Will never do so because I do not want to put up with the hassle of cleaning, flipping, and caring for records even though I completely agree that they sound better than digital. But "better" is relative.

LarryJ's picture

I have purchased at least half a dozen LPs in the past several months. For some reason, even SACD on a high-end player does not move me. Spin some vinyl and the toe tapping and air guitar begin. Hmm!

tom collins's picture

I probably still buy more used than new. I think that the new, independent label releases tend to sound better sonically than the re-releases on many albums. With the economy though, I have not been buying much of anything lately.

Aaron Cochran's picture

I buy new records, as well as CDs. Some of the records I have bought also allow me to download a "lossless" digital copy of the album included in the price of the record.

Neil's picture

Yeah, there are a lot of great new releases on vinyl that sound amazing.

j.s.'s picture

Only new vinyl allows for more time listening and less time cleaning records.

Al Marcy's picture

I started more than 50 years ago. They are still fun.

Chris's picture

I just hooked up my turntable for the first time in about 20 years. I have a lot of old MoFi disks, and might consider buying more high-quality pressings, but I find my turntable and cartridge just don't perform as well as my little Oppo universal disc player. I do like SACD and DVD-A discs, and will buy them first. On my budget, it's a better sounding way to go.'s picture

The music will win out. Is that worthless PARA, seeing this? I hope they choke on their flat screens. You know what you get when you cross an audio store with a video store. Answer; a video store.

Mike Agee's picture

Shopping for vinyl from your computer chair can get you four albums for one hundred dollars. Thumbing through ratty old Firestone Christmas albums on the chance that the original owner had a Koussevitsky he never opened can get you nothing, or a treasure for one dollar. Both offer the challenge of the hunt and the beauty of the music. My time is worth something, and in today's economy the more of it I kill searching for $1 Koussevitsky's the better off I am. If my employer hadn't dropped the hint that the new fiscal year might hold layoffs, I'd be buying both.

Tonko Papic's picture

But almost all are new pressings of old records. The others are "digital recordings."

Vincent's picture

Bought a LP12 two years ago. Since then, I have bought over 500 LPs!

Joe Hartmann's picture

I visit a used record shop 3-4 times per year. When I see classical music I am interested in on LPs mail order new, out comes the plastic. By the way, some of my 20-30 years copies of Beethoven String quartets could be replaced with new LPs I was listening to the Quartet Italiano this morning

KJ's picture

I can never resist the lure of the new vinyl (despite the odd disappointment), but the siren songs of yard sales, library give-aways, and charity shops are its equal!

Brendan's picture

Love my new vinyl—if only it was easier to get.

ender21's picture

Don't have a mechanism yet for cleaning old/used vinyl well, so I stick to newer releases and quickly digitize them at 24/96.