Do you buy classical music?

Do you buy classical music?
Yes, quite a bit
47% (170 votes)
Yes, some
23% (83 votes)
Yes, but very little
20% (72 votes)
9% (33 votes)
What is classical music?
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 361

A <A HREF=" article</A> details the lackluster sales of classical music discs. Do you buy classical music?

Don's picture

I've "experimented" with some classical CDs that were given to me by family. Very soothing for my frazzled nerves! Now I mostly just listen to classic rock (and techno when I'm inebriated). Sales may be down for classical right now, but our population is aging, sooo I would think the opposite would be happening (increase in sales). Oh well, I know nothing.

Gabriel's picture

I prefer SACD to digital downloads.

DLKG's picture

I like my classical on vinyl and the problem there is that the price per disc is getting crazy for new classical vinyl. I do buy a lot of used classical for very cheap and I can usually find more interesting 20th Century music! If the record companies would make some of the more obscure music available on vinyl I would buy it. I have gotten some new, but it's few and far between. I go to for that underground/outsider music.

Gordon Gower's picture

Especially SACDs, when available.

Jack's picture

We enjoy comparing & contrasting live performances against recorded concerts—differing venues, experiences, etc. Truly excellent recordings (ie, performance, mastering) can be difficult to find.

Lawrence's picture

Buying up CDs—even old LPs—like a maniac because I figure a lot of the stuff I want is just going to disappear when the Age of the Download fully engulfs the world. You may be able to download it in highly compressed 256k MP3 files, but dammit, I care about sound!

AJSchmidt's picture

Hey, these works are played somewhere with real instruments and an audience every day. How hard is it to just grab your Neumann stereo pair, stand, and DSD recorder and log away a copy for yourself? Not that I do this every day, and that prerecorded music is some type of fad plaguing America....

Rick's picture

Every day this country gets a little dumber.

Jim M's picture

Rarely, but I do.

Julian D's picture

Actually, classical music is among the very few types of music worth buying, because the quality of the recording is usually the best. This, and the fact that it's much more satisfying.

tim coop's picture

I will buy classical music when the master tape is recorded in analog and not that horrible digital sound.

Anonymous's picture

Not enjoyable to listen to

Robert LeBeck's picture

I try to interest people in the various symphony orchestra labels—the few I've been able to check out have done outstanding work! And yes, I like and buy SACD!

T's picture

If sales of classical are down, this surely must mean that there aren't enough new educated listeners to replace those who pass away. It's a cultural problem, in a society where MTV rules and the bar level is being set lower and lower every year.

Brian Grizzard's picture

tough call between SACD and vinyl

Jacques Panneton's picture

Only classical

Jeff's picture

LP and 96/24 on line.