Do you buy classical music?

Do you buy classical music?
Yes, quite a bit
47% (170 votes)
Yes, some
23% (83 votes)
Yes, but very little
20% (72 votes)
9% (33 votes)
What is classical music?
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 361

A <A HREF=" article</A> details the lackluster sales of classical music discs. Do you buy classical music?

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Yeah, about a 1/3 to 1/2 of my music buying is classical. Classical is almost the only thing I buy on CD, everything else is LP. At 27, I certainly don't fit into the expected demographic.

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Only high-resolution downloads—why bother with Red Book?

David Joy's picture

I still have 99+% of all of the recordings that I have bought over the past 50 years and all but a dozen or so are classical. I buy it because I need it—any other kind of music is available for free

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How many people get to hear a real orchestra or quartet live? Classical is for the most part more complex than pop. If you cannot hear into the complexity—because most audio systems suck—how can you like it if not through hearing it live?

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I haven't bought any classical for at least five years. I borrow it for free from the public library. How many different versions of Bach's or Beethoven's or Chopin's works does one person really need, anyway?

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It is in fact the only music I buy, preferably in SACD format.

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I'm afraid the volume of my purchases of the latest releases from Telarc, Reference Recordings, etc, is not as much as it used to be—current financial woes and all. The love and need of this classical music in my daily life will never wane, despite what may be hinted at in the article. It may not be in my blood, but I'll be damned if it does not run deep to the heart of me, where it so often reaches out and touches.

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It becomes more and more difficult to find new music. Classical reviews in magazines are disappearing too. So Stereophile, please more music, equipment by itself is irrelevant!

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I have a great specialty music store 200 yards from my home. The staff is great, and they help me choose music that I will enjoy, as I don't know a great deal about the genre. I would probably not buy classical music otherwise.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Most of my purchases are classical music. Last year I purchased 12 non-classical CDs. Each month I purchase about five CDs or downloads.

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The article referred to was really about whether Billboard should continue to track sales of classical CDs. I doubt many regular buyers of classical music consult Billboard very often. On the broader issue—small numbers of CDs sold—the market is international, not just the US, so labels may sell more than US data would indicate. While the old majors issue little, smaller labels are very active, as any reader of American Record Guide knows. And there is lots of music avaiable for downloading in CD quality or (much) better, and on SACD. The market may be small, but those of us who buy classical music appear to be able to keep many labels and downloaders in business.

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I've done all the classical music buying I intend to do. I have a small selection and I don't listen to it enough. It requires attention, which I'm ashamed to admit I can't give.

Paul Basinski's picture

ArchivMusic, and downloads. The world is rich with classical, the fact that people don't know that, schade.

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It's no wonder sales are down. CD retailers have virtually evaporated. Most of the smaller independents don't have the space or sales volume to warrant much shelf space for them. I buy nearly all my classical music from Fantastic selection and you can preview discs before purchase. Classical music just doesn't get the proper exposure. There are not many commercial radio stations left, and new releases are often standard pieces recorded over and over. However, most newly recorded material boasts superb performances and high-quality sound. Too bad most people have tuned it out. Check out the DG website for classical done right.

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I find myself buying more classical discs now than ever before. One reason is that I'm turning into my father and am out of touch with what these young hellions listen to these days. Second, I'm revisiting some of the classics that I've neglected over the years. Classical is about the only genre readily available on SACD. Considering that the discs cost about the same as a standard CD and sound much better, I'm getting a better bang for the buck while getting reacquainted with some old friends.

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Love it—especially SACD.

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Downloads from Amazon.

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I try, but selection in stores is limited.

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Unfortunately, music stores in Delhi are either slashing the classical music titles available or even shutting down. I hope the era of digital downloads from music publishing companies comes soon, else we'll be starved for classical music soon.

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I have about 100 or so classical music discs—less than 10% of my entire collection. I'd probably buy more, but my ignorance of the genre and which are the best recordings to get has held me back. And though I find I enjoy a good portion of my collection, they just don't get near as much spin time as the jazz, rock or world music that make up the other 90% do.

Raimundo's picture

Usually used LPs.

Douglas Kelly's picture

I particuarly like the HDCDs and SACDs for their greater fidelity.

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How else can you hear Philip Glass?

Ron Yu's picture

I buy a few every year, good recordings, occasionally SACDs.

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If you like classical music, you will buy classical music. This is simple logic.

Francisco S., Brazil's picture

I buy some, especially SACDS. I really can't understand this market. Some small labels have lots of classical releases—and on SACD! I think it's a good idea to interview owners of these labels to understand how they survive. They sure have some lessons to teach the big labels.

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Recently buying from 2L and liking their recording quality and performance of the artists. Limited catalog though.

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You really should purchase the Harmonia Mundi Beethoven Complete Sonatas for piano & violin by Faust & Melnikov. Four CDs & one DVD of delicious music, recorded as natural as can be.

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CD, SACD, hi-rez downloads, and LP.