Do you attend classical music concerts?

Do you attend classical music concerts?
Yes and I'm under 30
14% (44 votes)
Yes and I'm over 30
62% (202 votes)
Very rarely
15% (49 votes)
9% (30 votes)
Total votes: 325

Though the recordings sell in <A HREF=" numbers</A>, the real thing continues to thrive. Do you attend classical music concerts?

Jon's picture

Sometimes I am disappointed because the music sounds better at home.

Paul Basinski's picture

Rochester Philharmonic in the Eastman Theater, frequently, beautiful sound from the players and hall, and a nice repertoire. Great prices, friendly, and historic, no reason not to go out and see a show.

Jason's picture

Season tickets to San Francisco Symphony every year.

rigman's picture

Whenever I am in a city that has good concert halls (and good musicians playing)!

tonyE's picture

We've had a subscription since I was 27 and my wife 22. That makes it 24 years in a row. As a matter of fact, we went last week and heard a damn good "Symphony for a New World" by the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Trevor Webb's picture

I am only 19-years-old, and perhaps if I could afford them I'd go often.

David Haigner's picture

Goldener Musikvereinssaal, Vienna

nkc's picture

Much better than any audio system money can buy.

djl's picture

I have, when stationed in Germany while serving in the military, but there aren't many live performances in rural Oklahoma.

C Weston's picture

Season ticket holder for the BSO for many years. There's nothing like live!

D Collier's picture

I live in Reading—only 30 minutes by train to London, which has several excellent concerts every week plus the Proms. Modern US composers seem to get younger crowds—Glass last week, Adams and Golijov next. Thank you to Nonesuch, DG, Naxos, etc for recording our culture.

Bill Eame's picture

I only go ones I think are interesting. Have never ever heard about Berlioz's Requiem performed live anywhere in USA in 30 years. Want to.

Anonymous's picture

I attend 30+ classical music concerts each year and will continue to do so.