Do you attend classical music concerts?

Do you attend classical music concerts?
Yes and I'm under 30
14% (44 votes)
Yes and I'm over 30
62% (202 votes)
Very rarely
15% (49 votes)
9% (30 votes)
Total votes: 325

Though the recordings sell in <A HREF=" numbers</A>, the real thing continues to thrive. Do you attend classical music concerts?

Ken Anderssen's picture

Yes, both the orchestra and the chamber orchestra on a regular basis. It's an experience that no hifi ever comes close to duplicating!

df's picture

Only one or two times every few years—far, far less than I'd like. Hopefully, we'll go more often when our daughter is able to sit still for more than a minute.

Martijn's picture

There is nothing that can beat live performances, be it rock or orchestral. You might be disappointed by an uninspired evening, you might find yourself being deeply moved.

peter mc grath's picture

Close to 30 concerts a year, ranging from solo recitals, chamber music, and symphonic and opera performances.

Russell finnmore's picture

At 66 years of age, I've been a classical music addict for a long time. However, I probably only attend about three such concerts a year. Most of the orchestras and large musical organizations in Auckland offer such "formatted" programs that you have to hunt hard to find concerts that promise to be stimulating rather than routine.

Jesse Esparza's picture

I attend both classical and jazz concerts, although, I've purchased more recordings and concert tickets.

Richard's picture

Nothing like live sound.'s picture

Quite regularly. Love them. And yes, I'm under 30.

Tim K's picture

At 41, I am usually among the youngest in the audience. Is that because there are so few fans or because it costs $75 for a decent seat? Just asking.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I sure do. I've even sung in a couple. But I'm 53 and younger then most.

Al Marcy's picture

Been in bed 12 years. Used to have season tickets to Orchestra Hall. Audio is fun, but, it ain't alive—you can't get lucky with a music server. But you can dream.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I subscribe to the NY Philharmonic, the breakfast chamber series, two operas per year, and subscribe to the NYC—Ballet and I attend a concert of interest each year.

Jayne lee wilson's picture

I often attend concerts at the hall of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic in the UK, especially when Petrenko is conducting! I've been going since the 1970s—Groves and Simon Rattle. Some of most intense experiences (not only musical) have been at Mahler, Bruckner, and Shostakovich performances there. But of course you have your dull nights, too. Other times, particularly with smaller-scale works, it may be less fulfilling than home listening. Speaking from a classical perspective, and controversial as some of Stereophile's writers seem to find it, I think you have to hear live music regularly, (preferably in good acoustic spaces) to even begin judging the sound of hi-fi systems and recordings. But on those special nights, almost 2000 people hushed as Mahler's Ninth fades into silence...

BJM's picture

If you listen to recorded classical music, you will love live classical music. There is nothing better. The energy, the sights, the conversations with the people sitting next to you during intermission, and the talks by the conductor all make for a great experience. As audiophiles, we need to remember what it is we are really listening to. By the way, while I am over 30 and have been attending live classical concerts since I was in college.

Poor Audiophile's picture

I've only been to a few. I would like to go more often.

JJ ZL's picture

As many times as I can. Especially opera.

Gerard G.'s picture

Rarely, because I live in rural New Hampshire. But there are some good local concerts and a few that justify driving to Boston or New York.

Larry in Lex's picture

I have seen Hilary Hahn twice in the last year.

Noah Bickart's picture

Thirty-three here; I've been attending classical music concerts all my life. I live in New York, so I am able to subscribe to Carnegie Hall.

Eric's picture

I can't stand the nervous coughing in the audience. Only the loudest performances cover it up enough to be enjoyable.

Ken Buell - Cincinnati's picture

Not always great sound/acoustics, but almost always enjoyable music making! On many occasions it all comes together—then it's supremely & uniquely wonderful!

Connor Willemsen's picture

I am a 15-year-old audiophile, and while I love my system to death, it's all about the music! I grab all the chances I get to hear live music, be it classical, jazz, or anything else. Otherwise there wouldn't be any point to hi-fi, would there?

Scott's picture

Unfortunately, the majority of the audience is over 50.

Jim G.'s picture

I average around three to four times a year.

hts's picture

I would like to, but tickets are too expensive. With that money, I can buy many CD/SACDs and listen to them whenever I like.

Asger Sigfusson's picture

Often I get a bit astonished how poor a stereo image and how dark the real world of infinite dynamic range, frequency response, and resolution is.

Dave's picture

One of the best activities that Detroit has to offer.

Lionel's picture

At least 7-10 concerts a year.

X.  Maistre's picture

Excellent supply in Barcelona.

Matthew's picture

I'm just barely over 30 as well. All the trending research done by symphonies and arts organizations suggests that the younger generations' interest in classical music is waning, yet I feel that some of the daring and complicated indie music being made now (Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Joanna Newsom) will eventually lead many others in this direction. Of course, even a passing interest in quality audio should lead someone to attend a classical concert in person; I feel that this is where we can be reminded of the transcendent experiences music has to offer—while also helping us become better critical listeners.