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Do u remove RM-protection?

Hi there! Does anybody use audio-converting software in case of DRM-protected media?
I've downloaded SoundTaxi and stay very-very pleased... I think one may unprotect for private use, cause we pay for the song honestly!

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Re: Do u remove RM-protection?

Hi Vai,

I checked out the SoundTaxi software and I believe (I say "I believe" since there is very little technical information about the innner workings of the program on the SoundTaxi website, in the program files or on the web) that it works as follows:

The programs first converts the protected file to a wave file while somehow temporarily storing the file tag information for use later use. A wave file does not contain any tag information.

The program then converts the wave file into a mp3 file and somehow applies the saved tag information.

There are some problems with this method.

Each audio compression scheme uses a different algorithm for compressing and decompressing a file, in other words when converting to an mp3 file from a wav file different elements of the original file may be removed than when converting to a WMA from the same wav file. What this means in the case of a program like SoundTaxi it is effectively like going WAV -> WMA -> WAV -> MP3.

The first WAV -> WMA is the original file conversion into the WMA format and depending on the settings resulted in a high or low quality compressed file.

The WMA -> WAV step is performed by SoundTaxi and doesn't really result in any quality loss but then again there is also no quality gain either and the wave file which you end up with is NOT the same as the wave file you started with in step one, hence the term "lossy" compression.

The final step WAV -> MP3 is another lossy compression performed by the Soundtaxi program and regardless of what the program says under it's "settings" tab about compression quality, you cannot get a "perfect" mp3 file if you started with a 128k WMA file, sorry it just doesn't work like that.

What this all means is what I've been saying and will keep on saying - DRM is the work of the Devil and is to be avoided at all costs.

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