Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?

Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?
Yes, very much
15% (35 votes)
Yes, they'd be nice
23% (51 votes)
Don't really care
20% (45 votes)
No, I'd prefer a pure audio disc
31% (71 votes)
11% (24 votes)
Total votes: 226

When the format is finally launched around the world, DVD-Audio discs will have the ability to store and play back video information such as lyric sheets and pictures from recording sessions. Is this important to you?

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I hope they will skip the rear channels and focus on the three in the front.

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Music is for listening!

D.  Johnsrud's picture

This is the age of Max Headroom's "blipverts": Data overload whether you want it or not. Whether amortized or subsidized, it ain`t free. Watch a sporting event and you will see game data in one corner, network logo in another, and running ticker scores at the bottom. You even get to see some of the game you're watching! The same thing is happening to audio! It's getting harder to enjoy.

Montezuma Cat's picture

It's cool! To those who say "keep video away," get with it!

Doug Zabor's picture

The score, for classical music, would be nice.

lb's picture

I already have DVD, now I want great sound!

Leonard Ho's picture

Why waste space? I'd much rather prefer using that storage and bandwidth to improve sonics, sans the few unnecessary (and, most likely, boring) visuals. If I want pictures, I'll buy DVD-V, thank you.

Robert's picture

My music room does not have a video monitor in it and probably never will!

Lars Gimnes's picture

Please, make it happen as soon as possible.

Lloyd Lints's picture

I'm so there!

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A DVD player should be able to play all formats—DVD, DVD-Audio, CD-V, CD, MP3, CD-RW, CD-R—and should be able to decode HDCD and have CD-Text. DVD players must have these features at a reasonable (competing with VHS players) price or they're doomed to fail. SACD would be nice too, though the SACD format with $30 CDs is doomed to overwhelming indifference. The CD-only player is a dead, obsolete product. The Korean-made Apex DVD players are so far ahead of "high-end"/"audiophile" DVD/CD players, and so affordable, it's embarrassing. (,

Tony Coughlin's picture

A TV in a typically small room has a significantly negative effect on sound quality. Spare me from the trashy visual software that clutters the airwaves today.

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My dream for the audio-video future, as unlikely as it is that I'll be able to afford such fun foolishness, is to keep my middling high-end stereo separate from a TV/VCR/DVD rig with minimally acceptable 5.1 surround audio. I have no interest whatsoever in audio DVDs that have anything but music on them. If such add-on garp is there, it had better not interfere with the quantity and audible quality of tunes on the disc! (Maybe I shouldn't worry about that, with as many GB of data as a DVD can hold, but . . . a CD by Roomful of Blues that has added CD-ROM material on it is the only disc my CAL Delta transport has ever flat refused to play.)

Andrew Hon's picture

If you don't want the video, you can just turn your TV off. I think it'd be a nice feature.

Dan Cohagen's picture

With true and pure audio, the mental images are better than any recorded images could ever be.

Tom Mitchell's picture

Whatever audiophiles prefer, it's most likely that DVD-Audio will have all the bells and whistles. That's the sizzle the general public will be sold.

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Please, Pictures and images are for the individual listening experience and should not be suggested. Please keep music free from visual image or individual taste will be lost.

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More senses playing

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I want affordable, recordable and multi-channel (5-6) Hi-rez audio, with no format war, and I want it now!

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Just as long as the signal is not degraded beyond enjoyment. Will spatiality, soundstaging, tonality - all that I enjoy and cherish - be compromised? I'd have to listen to an A/B in a good system before I'd give a thumbs up or thumbs down.