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DIY amp stands

I need a pair of amp stands and thought of making my own from MDF and some spikes. Any ideas?

JoeE SP9
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Re: DIY amp stands

Give a look. They have some very nice DIY projects including some stands. I built one of their dual flexy racks for my equipment.

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Re: DIY amp stands

I also have made a flexi rack for my components. if i were building an amp stand, the first place i would look is My local dollar store. they carry plum bobs, which, with the string attachment apparatus removed, make very competent, very cheap, spikes.

good luck

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Re: DIY amp stands

Don't have audiophile/grade packagaing though. Doesn't have the mystical verbage about the special propertys of exotic wood, plastic,TEFLON,some kind of minerral. STANLEY TOOLS just won't SOUND the same. The price will not allow the sound change, minimum of $100/pr to make it sound better. The brain is a terrible thing to fool, or is it a fool has a terrible brain?

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