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A disc for people having Jayhawks withdrawal...

Wow, only one other post so far this month.

Well, never mind the tumble weeds!

I've been trying to get a solid handle on a new disc...Tim O'Reagan's eponymous "debut" solo disc.

Tim O'Regan has been the drummer for The Jayhawks (now defunct?) since 1995.

Last year, he released a solo disc, with lots of friendly support from people like Gary Louris, Karen Grotberg, Marc Perlman, Mark, really kind of a Jayhawks disc!

Also, as a Son Volt fan, I was happy to hear Jim Boquist, too.

Nate Dungan of Trailer Trash is on board, to give another Minneapolis and Jayhawks connection.

For fans of Bonnie Raitt's band, Hutch Hutchinson is there, too.

Razz Russell also joins from Mark Olson and Victoria Williams' band.

Well, any way. This disc takes a while to get into, and is the kind of disc that has pieces that snap at parts of your brain that hold your files for other songs.


Track One, "These Things."

Instantly likable, but so familiar in a way I can't put my finger on that it bugs me. Remember that first Sheryl Crow album where every song reminded you of everything else floating around in your brain? Well, this song does that.

This song makes you feel like your brain is just on the edge of saying, "Oh! That reminds me of..." but the "of" never quite makes it to the front of your brain.

So, track one is almost Mamas and Papas-like folkie/country.

Track two, "Black and Blue."

The first few notes are straight from the intro of the Stones' "Beast of Burden," but then it quickly morphs into a touch of Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again."

It's a little eerie.

The vocals are very very Byrds-ish.

I could almost see this as a mesh of Mr. Tambourine Man and Memphis Blues.

It's also a little Cash Brothers, and quite Jayhawkish.

Track Three, "River bends."

This one channels Michael Penn and George Harrison.

If you liked the "March" album, this tune is built for you!

It's also got a touch of "If Not For You"

Good slide, harmonies, harmonica, and maybe a touch of twelve string?

Track four, "Highway Flowers."

Some Richmond Fontaine type imagery.

Really a Jayhawks feel here. The song screams "plains music."

Track five, "Anybody's Only."

More Michael Penn. Almost a really really slow version of "No Myth," only without the upfront percussion...but the same sort of melancholy vocal feel.

Tasty guitar fills.

Track six, "That's the Game."

Totally, deja vu style "Sweet Jane" intro. Really, if I told you you were about to hear a new version of "Sweet Jane," you'd buy it for the first 20 seconds.

Then, the vocals hit like Matthew Sweet, and the production reminds you of Matthew Sweet's and Susanna Hoff's duet disc.

This tune would have fit right in on that disc. Matthew Sweet could have totally written and produced this track.

Track seven, "Ivy."

Think Julee Cruise as a guy, doing something to a Neil Young song.

This is what I'd call a "dream pop" song. It's got those reverb-y guitar notes that disappear into the background music, but then the lead guitar comes in and does a low level mellow Neil Young with Crazy Horse thing - like Neil's trying to work on a guitar line late at night when he doesn't want to wake up the kids.

Track eight, "Girl/World."

Alt Country, but another George Harrison moment.

The chorus makes you feel sure George's spirit is still haunting the music world.

Yup, think George doing a country tune.

Track nine, "Ocaso Rosa."

A little south of the border feeling.

Also a little bit of "Girl From Ipanema."

A bit of filler, maybe, but evocative filler.

Track ten, "Just Like You."

Steeler's Wheel meets the Beatles in their early era.

Seriously Beatle-y, even down to the production values. This could have worked as the track The Beatles released exactly between Help! and Rubber Soul.

Yup, totally a Beatles song.

Track eleven, "Plaything."

The last track, has more of the Michael Penn feel and a touch of

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