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Dilemma, Shure E3c or SE210 ???

Hi guys, i would like to buy Shure earphones. I am deciding between Shure E3c and SE210. E3c is older type and SE210 is the new one. But if you take a look at them, they have very similar price tag, design and the sound quality(according to reviews ive read). Which one do you recommend me to buy and why ?
Thank you very much

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Re: Dilemma, Shure E3c or SE210 ???

I wasn't aware that you could still buy E3c 'phones new. Are they direct from Shure?

My recommendation is to buy directly from Shure and make sure you get the excellent 2-year warranty. Especially if you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter, go for the warranty coverage because it's likely that the jacket on the wires will split in below-freezing temperatures. Mine split last year and they sent me a brand new pair with a renewed warranty with a minimum of fuss. (I have E2c's)

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