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Digitizing Cassettes

I am just getting started digitizing a collection of cassette tapes, classical.

1.Any opinions about whether it will make a hearable difference if I input from the cassette deck into the mic input on my 10 year old dell vostro laptop, vs getting a dedicated usb converter to plug the deck into. I've already made a few sample recordings and have trouble hearing the difference between the cassette directly and listening to the Flac recording. This was done using the 3.5 mm mic input on laptop.

2.I have the option of using a 2 y.o. HP Z440 workstation instead of laptop. I am guessing that the sound card may be better in the HP (but maybe not ) than in the 10 y.o. vostro laptop. Will using the Z440 likely produce better recordings, or is conversion just a software issue, perhaps a bit faster on newer computer, but not necessarily any better?

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