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Digital amp and amp mixing question.


Gots a remedial question:

What with all these new digital amplifiers, I hear stuff about "switching noise."

I can't find anything about the frequencies at which this can be heard.

The switching frequency I can find is 400 kHz, so I'm not that astute as to where digital amp artifact affects the sound.

So, my questions are...

Where in the audio band width does this artifact show up?

I suspect at higher frequencies, so question two:

Would a woofer digital amp mated with a tube (or SET) upper register amp make for the perfect marriage of individual driver amplifier optimization?

I ask because I just took apart my Infinity Intermezzo 2.6's and found the cute little digital amp (I think) it uses to drive the woofer and it struck me how nice the woofer sounded and then that allows for my integrated to not have to work too hard or pump a zillion watts into the tweeter to satisfy my love of class "A."

Did that make sense?

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Re: Digital amp and amp mixing question.

Hi Buddha

Can't comment because i never heard a digital amp but i do remember though (not long ago) everyone was complaining digital amps sounded like crap and then suddenly began to praise them ?!?!?!?

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Re: Digital amp and amp mixing question.

The best I can do to help is that I have a Solid State amp on the subs, and a Moscode 300 on the main speakers. It sounds fine.

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