Describe the floor in your listening room.

Describe the floor in your listening room.
Padded carpet on concrete
34% (67 votes)
Padded carpet on suspended wood floor
27% (52 votes)
Wood floor on concrete
6% (11 votes)
Wood floor, suspended
8% (16 votes)
Area rug on wood
14% (28 votes)
Area rug on concrete
4% (7 votes)
Other . . .
8% (15 votes)
Total votes: 196

Now that we know a little about what you sit in while listening, how about the room you listen in?

Jeffrey Lutz's picture

My current room is in a 100 year old house with a hard wood floor covered with a large area rug. Soon, I will be moving everything into my own 'music room' and plan on soundproofing ,acoustically treating it and whatnot(it was the spouses idea as much as mine being that she's not much of an audiophile or music freak as myself)

J.L.  OLIVIER's picture

Wall to wall saisal carpeting over concrete.