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Denon DVD-5910CI vs. Marantz DV-9600 vs. Pioneer DV-79AVi

Hi all,

I'd appreciate your help - any thoughts or experiences regarding all three universal players?

1080p capability isn't as big a deal as the sound reproduction, as I'll be spending 95% of my time listening to SACD/DVD-A/CDs. I also have a tube amp, which will likely add a bit of warmth to the equation.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Denon DVD-5910CI vs. Marantz DV-9600 vs. Pioneer DV-79AVi

I own both the Denon and Pioneer models you mention,although
in different systems at home.The Denon is in my main "home Theater" system and the Pioneer in the "bedroom" system.
In a few words,i did not compare them side-by-side.Anyway, from what i know,the Pioneer is more "warm" sounding than the Denon or perhaps i should say it sounds more "rounded" than the Denon.Now,regarding the Denon,compared to my Cary cd-306/200 cd player,i find the Denon more "cold" sounding.
BUT,between the 2 (Denon vs Pionner),the Denon is better.
To answer your question,at least between the Denon and Pioneer models,the Denon is the better player.

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