Denon DL-103 phono cartridge Specifications

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Description: Moving-coil phono cartridge available with spericla, elliptical, and Shibata styli. Frequency range: 20Hz–45kHz. Output voltage: 0.25mV. Output Impedance: 40 ohms (1975–2007), 14 ohms (2017). Compliance: 5x10–6cm/dyne at 100Hz. Downforce: 2.5gm (spherical stylus version).
Weight: 8.5gm.
Price: $229 (2007); $379 (2017).
Manufacturer: Denon, Japan. US Distributor: D&M Customer Service, 100 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2041. Tel: 201-762-6500. Fax: 201-762-6670. Web:

US Distributor: D&M Customer Service
100 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430-2041

Glotz's picture

as early as '75! Wow.

I was just wondering what the magic on that archaic, little beast was all about. I can guess now. I am also assuming impact and vivid midrange rule the day as well. Prolly what the Zu does so well on steroids.

Hmm... I assume a LOT.

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I believe only the 103S has a Shibata stylus but some of the other variants might also have a Shibata stylus. The original 103 and 103R have a conical stylus. Some of the others variants like the 103D have an elliptical stylus.