Denon AVR-4800 THX Ultra digital surround receiver Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state, 5-channel digital surround A/V receiver.
Inputs: 7.1-channel analog: 1 set for use with external processor. Line-level: 10 sets Analog Input (Phono, CD, DVD, VDP, TV/DBS, V-AUX, VCR-1, VCR-2, MD/Tape-1, Tape-2. Audio only: 4 sets, 2 with tape loops. Digital: 8 sets: 5 optical, 3 coaxial. Composite Video: 6 sets, all with S-video connectors: DVD, VDP, TV/DBS, V-AUX, VCR-1, VCR-2. Component Video (2 sets): DVD, TV/DBS.
Outputs: 1 optical digital audio. Audio line-level: 1 set 8-channel preamplifier (Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Surround Back L/R, Subwoofer). Component Video: 1 set, monitor. Composite Video: 3 sets, all with S-video optional output connectors: VCR-1, VCR-2, Monitor-1, Monitor-2.
Surround-Sound Processing: THX Surround EX 6.1-channel decoding; compatible matrix back surround decoding DTS Extended Surround (DTS-ES); digital domain Dolby Pro Logic Decoding.
DSP Surround Modes: Wide Screen, Super Stadium, Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Classic Concert, Mono Movie, Matrix. Adjustable surround parameters in Wide Screen mode include Effect, Level, 6.1/7.1 Surround, Room Size (Small, Medium Small, Medium Large, Large), Effect Level (steps 1–15), Delay Time (0–300ms), and Tone Control. Other selections include 5-Channel/7-Channel External Input, DTS Surround (THX Cinema On/Off), Dolby Digital AC-3 (THX Cinema On/Off), Dolby Pro Logic (THX Cinema On/Off), Direct, and Stereo.
Preamplifier section: Input sensitivity, phono (MM): 2.5mV/47 ohms. RIAA deviation: ±1dB (20Hz–20kHz). Line-level input: 200mV/47k ohms. Output level to drive amplifiers for Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Effect (Surround Back) L/R, subwoofer amplifiers: 1.2V. Tone controls: Treble, ±10dB at 10kHz; Bass, ±10dB at 100Hz.
Amplifier section: Rated output power (20Hz–20kHz, <0.05% THD): 125Wpc x2 channels into 8 ohms (21dBW); 150W maximum continuous into 6 ohms (22dBW); !z0.8% THD, 20Hz–20kHz. All 5 channels run simultaneously: 125Wpc into 8 ohms, <0.7% THD at 1kHz only. Frequency response: not rated. THD+noise: 0.008%, 8 ohms, 20Hz–20kHz. Intermodulation distortion: 0.002%, 60Hz+7kHz mixed 4 to 1, 8 ohms. Noise: –110dB (IHF, A-weighted). Input impedance: 47k ohms (single-ended). Input sensitivity for unbalanced input: 1.1V. Output impedance: 0.1 ohm (1kHz). Power consumption: 10.9A.
FM Section: 40-station AM/FM random preset memory tuning. Usable sensitivity: 1.0µV (11.2dBf).
Dimensions: 17.1" (434mm) W by 7.1" (181.25mm) H by 19.4" (494mm) D. Shipping weight: 47.4 lbs (21.5kg).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 1500542, 1507131.
Price: $1995. Approximate number of dealers: 200. Warranty: 2 years. Manufacturer: Denon Electronics, 222 New Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Tel: (973) 396-0810. Web:

Denon Electronics
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