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Denon 2900-DV9600 & Quad CDP 2


I currently have a Quad CDP2 with Quad pre 99/909 driving Dynaudio Focus 220's. I have a marantz TT15 with Maestro for analog and Denon 2900 for two channel universal playback.

Well the analogue had started to rule for my basic playback, but then i need to work something out for digital. I have a pretty wide range of DVD A, SACD and DTS discs that id like to maintain two channel playback on, i also of course of a wide range of CD's.

As a lot of people have observed the Marantz 9600 is available widely at a good price, one local store has new open box model for 799, my question is how would the 9600 compare as a single box solution against the CDP2 & 2900 combination ? what do you think the pro/cons would be ? my initials thought is that i would gain on the universal side but lose CD quality ?


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Re: Denon 2900-DV9600 & Quad CDP 2

Marantz vs. Deneon isn't really a contest. In broad terms the Marantz stuff is always more musical. I used to like Denon but their recent stuff has been hard, bright, and two dimensional. It's starting to sound more and more like Yamaha stuff.

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