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Demos vs Repos

So, a Stirful writer attended a bummer audio demo. Surprise, surprise It is an ongoing fantasy with the audio press types that useful demos are possible, even normal! Having suffered through the outrages of the past forty years of "An Evening With ..." let me relieve the tension: demo's suck. All of them. In fancy hotels, in private homes, in retail listening rooms with little triangular pillows in the corners of the ceiling ... forget about it. If you get it home and listen for several months and can't hear anything you like, bring it back or sell it on Ebay. Why people think listening to demos is not a complete waste of time is up there with why attending a wine tasting is a bust. Not every pleasure transforms gracefully into a party game, whether for fun nor profit. I am listening to my system and enjoying it, again. It doesn't sound like anything I have ever heard in a demo. I like it. May we just say demos have limited usefulness and stick to long term listening in a friendly environ? This silly posturing does no one's ears nor joys justice ... and let us be brutally frank: the people who build this stuff may be fine human beings, but, they have no clue what I enjoy. And, I enjoy more than many of them seem to ... as the Beatles once asked: "Are you one of Them?"

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