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Demagnetizing CD's

Anyone here have FIRST-HAND experience with the new Acoustic Revive RD-3 demagnetizer or the now discontinued Furutech RD-2 [these appear to be the same] on the sound of your CD's ? I owned a Bedini Clarifier [which died] but was never really sure of it's improvement capabilities.

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Re: Demagnetizing CD's

Your Bedini died!!!!!!!

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Re: Demagnetizing CD's

Sorry, don't have first-hand experience with CD demag. I may be wrong, but I thought the shiny part on the CD is aluminum. In any case, if the material is not magnetic, it does not seem to need demagnetizing.

Plastics could have static electric charge, which is why the Zerostat was sold - to de-static the LP. Does it make a difference? I never critically compared it, but I do own a Zerostat and use it. I do notice an effect on the plastics of the cartridge or arm when a LP is strongly static charged (greater attraction or repulsion of the arm/cartridge, changing tracking force). But, I have never measured the effect, so I can't claim that this is confirmed or not.

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