Define the word "audiophile."

Define the word "audiophile."
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Is it how much you spend or how you spend it? Is it how you organize your priorities when it comes to audio? Is it only a state of mind? Define the word "audiophile."

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Flattering definition: someone who respects the real sound as the reference for any reproducting equipement. Perjorative definition: someone who ignores real sound.

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Sir Peter Walker, Quad said it; The closest aproach to the original sound !

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It´s a state of mind if you beleve in it

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An audiophile is not someone who just happens to own the most expensive high-end equipment. Any buffoon with a large enough wallet can get the most expensive stuff out there simply to show off. An audiophile cares about the total music experience. That means that he/she not only is passionate about their favorite artists/albums but there care just as much about how they are played back or recorded. In other words there are plenty of people who have a lot of CDs or tapes but they could care less about the quality of the playback or recording equipment. An audiophile goes the additional mile(s) to make sure their favorite music is treated properly.

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First and foremost, is a deep lover of the music, enjoying it in a way some people can´t understand, with an special interest in the way it can be reproduced. Usually has a large collection of different types of music, along with an endless desire to reproduce it as faithfull as possible. In the meantime, spends a lot of money searching for both the equipment and the records...

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A devotee of high-quality recorded sound.