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Def Tech BP9040 vs Triton 7 vs Magnepan LRS and .7

I am in the market to buy new speakers up to $1500/pair which eliminates my ultimate choice of the Definitive D15. I am an audiophile currently running a Yamaha R-N602 integrated amp, however, my non-negotiables in hifi audio (music and home theater) are crystal clarity, high definition, and full dynamic range. The Definitive BP9040 gives me exactly that, along with some spaciousness. For music the sound is thin. However, nearly all speakers I have come across in this price range sound like "sound-in-a-box" where the bass gives punch but not high definition of the bass sound or clarity. I want to "HEAR" distinctive well-defined growl instead of "FEELING" muffled thump. These speakers sound this way because I have been spoiled by listening to the BP9040. This includes the Klipsch RP-8000f, SVS Prime Pinnacle, and all the way down the line. I come with two questions: 1. compared with the BP9040, how would you rate the Magnepan LRS, Magnepan .7, and the Triton 7 in terms of clarity, high definition, and dynamic range and not sounding like "sound-in-a-box"? 2. Are there other speakers up to $1500/pair you would recommend which also meet my criteria? I do love things that go "thump", but I will sacrifice thump for clarity, definition, and dynamic range.

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A few questions...

I think you are in the right place for advice. However, I’m not sure what is most important to you. Home theater or playing music in 2 or more channels? Also, we don’t know what your listening preferences are. Is it classical, hip-hop, death metal, jazz? This all needs consideration.

Your Yamaha amp is good but it’s far from creating “crystal clarity, high def, and full range”. It will get the job done but once this hobby gets ahold of you...that amp will end up in your basement and something BIG will take it’s place.

The Maggie’s, the LRS & .7...if you want to hear bass clarity those are not really options. The GoldenEar Triton 7’s will crush all day long. For a rating...both Maggie’s will sound good. The Tritons are easier to drive on your setup. On a different amp... both Maggie’s will open up beautifully...but, to get the high definition bass sound or whatever that means... you’ll need a sub. The Tritons out of the box will play beautifully.

FWIW, I’d check out Revel F 35s. Buy those and in a year add a “good” sub. Please stay out of your local Best Buy Magnolia lol.

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