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December issue

I still haven't received my December issue. I started having problems with Stereophile delivery since I moved. Should I contact Stereophile telling them that I'm missing my December issue or should I give it more time? Funny enough, the replacement issue comes in without any problems.

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Re: December issue

methinks someone in your particular delivery chain (likely the last few folks) has decided that Stereophile mag is cool thing. I'm having the same problem these days.

I've spent the last 20 years buying Stereophile of racks ONLY. Specifically for a reason. To promote the prominence of the magazine in the public's face. Even to the point of rotating my buying between three different racks, to be sure it stays on all three racks. Just so the odd person might buy it..and get addicted. I think you could say I'm a fan of the whole audiophile thing and a general fan of Stereophile, TAS, etc.

Frugalophiles are looking to limit their investment and involvement, to the point of pushing their local library to they could ride their bike down there and read at some else's expense. It could be interpreted as a short sighted bit of behaviour. Extreme, possibly. I've obviously committed to the same, in the opposite direction.

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