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Dear JA, How About a Proof of Concept Article: Archiving LPs to a Remote Music Server

This is somewhat related to the post by Scooter123 regarding archiving LPs to a remote music server.

I have a suggestion for JA. I would love to read about a no-compromise remote music server based digital recorder; how it would be implemented, and how well it could be made to work. It is motivated by my selfish desire to know if my fantasy can come true. Namely, to record LPs and other analog sources using, oh let's just say, a DCS 904 ADC and streaming the data into, oh say, a Slim Devices Transporter (because it has digital inputs and word clock inputs) or another equally capable device and from there (via ethernet) to a remote music server.

A couple of details about which I would be curious include starting and stopping recording remotely (server in a different room) and the effects of using external word clocks on the ADC and SD Transporter. More fundamentally, I am curious about how far this concept can be taken qualitatively.

I am not in a position to bankroll the required equipment at this time (that's why it's a fantasy!), but I just can't get the idea out of my head. I just love the thought of having the convenience of routing my LP collection anywhere in the house and onto an iPod with no quality compromises.

I realize Mr. Atkinson has an awful lot on his plate, but he does have almost all the required goodies, not to mention experience interfacing PCs and high-end systems. I also value JA's judgement on sonic matters. (Although this would be a great punishment for any misbehaving reviewers.)

Whatcha say JA?

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