David Bowie (1947-2016)

“I know something is very wrong”

“Look up here I’m in heaven.”

“I’ll be free/ain’t that just like me”

Given lines like these, it’s very tempting to read into the lyrics of Black Star that David Bowie knew his end was approaching. Whatever the truth, it’s a very sad day for music indeed. He was truly unlike any other. So many re-inventions. The one time David Jones was a master at becoming another. Over and over again. From the red-haired cartoon that was Ziggy Stardust to the tailored suits and suave soul man of Young Americans to the avant, Eno-inspired edges of Low, to the Top 40 of Let’s Dance and the impassioned farewell of Blackstar he was an artist that never tired of the hunt. The frightening video for "Lazarus," the second single from Blackstar, should erase any doubts as to whether this album is his deliberate farewell.

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Thanks! for sharing- RB.

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David was an original and complete individual. There will never be another quite like him.
RIP David, I'm out of words.

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I was never a Bowie fan but the "Lazarus" video is powerful. He certainly was a true artist.

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Absolutely chilling and genius. Wow! Yes, powerful.

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Rock was fading away,and along came Bowie,with "Hey Man",from a boombox of a teenager. Made some great music.Kept the ball rolling a while longer.Also quite a show to go with it. It seems you had to be bizarre,to be free to break through.