Dan Deacon: America

I'll have more to say about Dan Deacon's America, both here and in the pages of Stereophile, but, for now, I'll just quickly say that I like it—a LOT.

Full of major chords and glorious crescendos, littered with screeching electronic noise and dressed up with sweeping violins, America is bold, ambitious, arrogant, pretentious, and really beautiful.

It's available now from Domino Records, or you can stream the entire album over at The Guardian.

Read more about Dan Deacon's America here.

Cantthinkofaname's picture

For me USA: Iii. Rail is the highlight of the album.  

Stephen Mejias's picture

I'm a sucker for the soaring, triumphant, Copland-like majesty of it.

deckeda's picture

... good is going on here. It's like when good beer is sometimes thick and chewy and the person sitting next you says, "Did you just describe your friggin' beer as 'thick and chewy?"

"And beefy, too."

"Oh damn, you're right, it is."

That's this album, for me.

Thanks for turning me on to this Stephen. 

Stephen Mejias's picture

Very nicely described.

ken mac's picture

Wow, this reminds me of Glass and Reich, but somehow warmer. Think its on vinyl?

Stephen Mejias's picture

My copy's on vinyl. : )

Evan Wilder's picture

Sounds great. Another fine find, thanks Stephen.