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Dali speaker pls help how to choose

Hi all senior,i am Ryan from Malaysia,nice to meet u all.Recently i got a free NAD 3020i stereo integrated amp from my friend(real evil take me into hi-fi) so just wonder to setup a basic stereo system but i am on budget :(.I finalised to try out the 1) Dali Zensor 1(get offer from local shop as USD 250.00),2) Dali Lektor 2 (get offer from local shop as USD 375.00).So just wonder anyone had experienced with this two babies to guide me ?? I had read some reviews on internet stated that the Lektor are strong at midrange to bass but sounds weak on low volume as the Zensor strong on high to mid and sound OK on low volume.My curious is that i take the Zensor would it have problem if i place them too close to wall (maybe 10~15cm)?Or may the Tannoy Mercury V1i/Monitor Audio new Bronze 1(2015).....pls help thank you so much........

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