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Dahlquist DQ-8 Opinions

Hello all,

I am looking at a pair of Dahlquist DQ-8 speakers for $150. They sound pretty good, but I have not positioned them for that "optimal sound" or the disappearance that is supposed to happen. Several people have said to invest my money in newer speakers instead of an older pair, but at $150 it seems like an easy step-up from my crappy Cerwin Vega V6-Fs.

I cannot find much information about these speakers, and what I have pieced together is limited. They WERE made in 1990, so they are not as old as the legendary DQ-10s. I guess what is snagging me is the bi-amp hookup. I have a 1965 Harman Kardon A500 25watt tube amp, a 15 watt non-descript tube amp that is biased and seems to be just fine and an old Sony turntable of my father's that would be hooked up to the DQ-8s. I like the thought of using the small tube amp to run the tweeters and the HK A500 to run the subs, but is this just inexperienced fantasy? My beginner-logic tells me that I could run the amps at a lower output and achieve greater clarity this way. Like I said, I am using some leftover big-box store Cerwin Vegas, so it seems that anything would be a vast improvement, even 18 year old Dahlquist DQ-8s.

To sum it up, should I buy them if they are in good condition? Does anyone have any opinions or experience with these? Is my bi-amp fantasy false logic? Should I keep my $150 and put up with the CW V6-Fs for another eight months or so until I could afford $1000?

I almost feel that I could buy these now and sell them when I could upgrade... or is there a better option?

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Re: Dahlquist DQ-8 Opinions

If you can put together $1k in eight months - and you're a college student - don't waste your time with the Dahlquist. $1k buys some very good speakers in today's market. Spend your time shopping and saving.