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Cyrus CD8x Review on Jan 06 Issue

I was pleasantly surprised to see this cd player be reviewed by Art Dudley on the latest issue. I went trough an extensive period of auditioning which included the Naim CD5x, Arcam FMJ CD33 and Classee CDP10 among others (all more expensive alternatives than the Cyrus). I ended up choosing the Cyrus (with the optional external power supply), because to me the Cyrus was outright amazing with timing and imaging, a bit drier presentation in comparison to the Naim for example, but I think this is a matter of taste and not audible superiority per se. I know JA reviewed and months later revisited the Ayre CX-7e before giving it a Class A rating, since AD mention the strong sonic similarities between the Ayre and the Cyrus, I was wondering if JA had time to take the Cyrus for a spin after he took the measurements.


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