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Current set up requested advise

Hi all.
(warning: i added a few things so the whole post might seem out of sequence. Sorry about that)
Ive been trying to post pics of my equipment, mostly vintage stuff, but can only post some links to the pics.
So here is my question. I want some feedback on my current set up. Its not really state of the art, but rather vintage older stuff that Ive acquired over the years. It is as follows.
Kenwood Receiver KR-V8030
Scott PS-67A Turntable with LTD 400 cartridge
Cerwin Vega 311P's
As for these. Im not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I feel that the woofer driver is fine. it make a bunch of heavy noise, the tweeter is also probably fine, however the mid can probably be changed to something more dramatic, or should I say dynamic. There is nothing physically wrong with it, just probably not the best mid range speaker. also, the crossover could probably be upgraded. Id like to keep the speaker, just because, well, come on, their bitchin ass SV giant ass loud speakers. I can handle any electrical upgrades I think. I refoamed the woofers with no problem and have redone electronics in speakers before.

I was thinking of upgrading the cartridge to a better one. The headshell looks and feels pretty solid, aluminum. I know the speakers are not the best, mostly absurdly loud house speakers, definitely not made to produce intricate sound, but I would think that they are not bad. I just seem to feel that Im not getting the quality sound that I should. Im thinking the speakers may not be dialed in correctly and the cartridge is crap. Any opinions?
Here are the pics of the equipment.

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That all seems decent to me.

That all seems decent to me. Classic TT. I wouldn't ditch the cart...the Empire LTD 400 is quality. Do you know what kind of stylus and how old? Depending on how many hours are on it, you might want to try something different. I think Jico makes a Shibata for the 400. That would bring out a ton of details. Also, did you mount the cart yourself? If not, you might want to do it again to make sure it's aligned properly.

Yes, the CV speakers are kick ass. You're right, maybe not the most detailed, but solid. Personally, if I was looking for the weakest link (after determining cart/needle are good) I would look at different amplification. Not sure what the rest of your setup is, like if you need to power TV surround, etc., but if you want to improve the vinyl experience get a better phono stage. I've found those all-in-one A/V receivers were not made with vinyl in mind. They cram so much stuff into those boxes you lose out on phono sound quality. If you want to keep the amp, check out an external phono preamp. That can improve sound quality as well.

Lastly, probably the most important IMHO, is speaker placement and room setup. In so many cases, people throw money at new components and don't hear the improvements they expect because their room is obscuring any real differences. Get your speakers on stands, away from the walls, and out front of the system. Try to cover all flat shiny surfaces (windows, coffee tables, etc). Lots of videos online about measuring and getting perfect speaker placement for listening positions.

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