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CSO & Janine Jansen


Saw the Dvorak special event this afternoon.

Was very impressed with Dvorak, he has very interesting style that seems like a sort of classical pop music mixed with a bit of rock, sort of like a classical Queen. The music was very easy to listen to yet had a decent sense of depth, not on the Mahler scale but certainly to me more so than Bruckner.

Janine was interesting, watching her was like watching the violin equivalent of Angus Young, lots of energy and enthusiasm the strange thing though it didnt come out in her music. The music was obviously good but i just didnt get the emotion of it somehow, now maybe she wasnt trying to create that sound but her body language certainly indicated she was.

The conductor was Sir Mark Elder who was excellent, he seemed to have a great understanding of the music and just how to get the sound it needed.

No real negatives for this performance, the music surprised me with its depth, for some reason that does not come accross when listening at home.


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