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CSO 2010/11 schedule

They just released next seasons CSO schedule

WOW !! with Muti now in charge it seems very heavy on Russian, viloin and piano peices, absolutely my taste. The seaon starts in Sept 2010 and ive already picked out a dozen concerts to attend, Vadim Repin is coming back, Denis Matsuev, all sorts of well known peices, Tetzlaff !!

I know we all like Hifi but this schedule really got me excited, i cant wait to getthe full schedule and get stuck into buying the seats. The only issue of course is that i like nice seats and its not cheap, im not sure if everyone would agree but id rather spend $3,000 on a season at the CSO and have box seats for like 20 concerts than $3,000 on a new TT, i know you can enjoy the TT every day but the last two years have taught me that you have to know what your listening to and the only way to really grasp that is to watch live performances.

Im not in any way spiritual or religious so im not going to go there but i am one lucky asshole to ge these performances on my doorstep by world class musicians


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Re: CSO 2010/11 schedule

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