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Cremono speakers - want to upgrade from integrated to separates

I have a pair of Sonus faber Cremonas (not M) driven by a Simaudio I7, and would like to upgrade to separates.

I would like to consider tube preamp and solid state power amp. The Cremonas tend to need a lot of power; I started out with 130wpc into 4 ohms, and ended up with the I7 which is rated at 250wpc into 4 ohms and the difference was astounding.

What components would you recommend for the Cremona?

Thanks again.

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Re: Cremono speakers - want to upgrade from integrated to separa

You are not saying what price range you are considering, but since those are not cheap speakers, I assume that $10,000 or so is not unreasonable.

I think that the preamp that I have is hard to beat, and also the amplifier. I have been listening and improving my system for 30 years, and am extremely happy with the superb sound of this equipment.

They are the Audio Research LS-26($6000) and the Bryston 3BSST2 $3500). If you want even more power, you could go up to the 4BSST2($4500).

Given the efficiency rating of your speakers, however, I am sure that the 3B has more than enough power. Yours are more efficient than mine, and I have far more power than I need in a VERY large room.

Audio Advisor has the specs and info on the amplifier, as does the Bryston website.

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Re: Cremono speakers - want to upgrade from integrated to separa

id go with this and

the above..


my top 3 would be krell, plinius, and pass labs.

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Re: Cremono speakers - want to upgrade from integrated to separa

Think hard about staying with integrated, but moving up in power and quality. The Rowland Continuum 500 will give you all the power you're likely need, combined with a SOTA pre-amp section. There are several other choices, like the Conrad Johnson CA200, Krell units, PS Audio, etc.

Separates open up a world of issues with extra interconnects, power cords and isolation devices. Take a quality intergrated, add a top end PC and use high quality ICs to the sources, high quality speaker cable and put the amp on a high quality isolation device, like the HRS M3 and you'll have a superior system for much less investent. Don't think only of the cost of the amp(s) and pre-amp, but also include isolation, ICs and PCs.


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Re: Cremono speakers - want to upgrade from integrated to separa

+1 for Dave's recommendation of a quality integrated. I haven't heard the Rowland myself but I would strongly recommend the Boulder 865 of which I have a great deal of experience. It sounds SUPERB, costs $12,000, and as WP put it "It's simple, and it's darn near perfect." Amen.

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