Craft from Audio Craftsman

His name was Thom Pahmer and he broke all my rules: It was 10am the first day of the show and I walked in to his empty room, I introduced myself, "Good morning. My name is Herb Reichert and I covering the lower cost part of the High End for Stereophile—and I am especially interested in stand-mounted speakers." Mr. Pahmer looked at me crossly and said, "These are NOT stand mounted speakers!" I pointed at what I thought was a stand and he says, "The speakers are bolted to them—it is all one unit." I asked about the retail price and he told me, $5500/pair.

Moving on, I asked if he had any literature on them. "Nope." I asked if he had a sheet of paper with a list of what equipment was playing. "Nope." When I asked if he was the designer, he smiled broadly and said "Yep!" Finally, I was getting some traction on my big adventure. I continued, "Tell me about your creations." "Two-way, bass-reflex, 89dB sensitivity, works well with tubes, 200W power handling, and I use SEAS drivers." I ask why SEAS. "Because I like the way they sound—sweet and smooth."

Do they have a name? "The Victoria Model." I told him I was a big fan of the Accuphase 211 integrated amp and asked him to play his "favorite" music. He put on K. D. Lang and I decided I liked him and his not-stand-mounted speakers a lot. The Victorias did indeed play smooth smoothly, sweetly, and engagingly. As I was leaving I asked Thom, "Is this your first CES?" He said it was. I told him I was happy and impressed with the sound and wished him the best of luck.

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