Coppertone by Black Cat Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a 1M pair of Coppertone RCA interconnects, a 1M Coppertone USB digital cable, and a 2.5M pair of Coppertone speaker cables (Total value $649.84) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Coppertone by Black Cat Cable distills a tremendous amount of high performance attributes into an affordable series of cables that punch far above their weight!

  • High-velocity, low-capacitance interconnects ensure the preservation of the low-voltage analog signal by suspending the conductor in air with our NAMI™ process
  • Low-inductance, low-skin-effect, low-proximity effect "tube-within-a-tube" speaker cables are structurally and electrically ideal
  • Noise-absorbing layers of our QuieTex™ shielding an outstanding feature of our Coppertone USB cable

As with all of our cables, Coppertone are part of Black Cat Cable's collection of cables that are manufactured in our Cumming, GA workshop by Chris Sommovigo personally! Our materials, our machines, our processes!


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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count me in

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If you pick me, I promise to never openly call my cat names ever again.

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Very much!!!

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who loves cats.

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me IN !

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I would love to try these in my system, but I will be happy for whoever wins these.

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Very cool that they're made in USA. Thanks!

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Not familiar with them, but certainly appreciate the fact that are supporting us, their customers, with this. Thank you.
p.s. - if everyone who posted before me would simply remove their posts it would be a good thing. ;-)

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Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thank you.

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I live in Atlanta and would love to see the operation and learn directly from the experts in this Georgia company.

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Looking forward to new cables.

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I have two cats at home now, more is better

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Love to get those!

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Can always use another pair.

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Why not?

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The would sound great in my home !

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Appreciate this.

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I'd love to try out some new Black Cat cables.

dhans68's picture

I'd love to try out some new Black Cat cables.

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Count me in.

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Thanks for the opportunity to win these cables, they are very needed in my system.

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Been curious about the Black Cat cables for quite awhile. Always well reviewed, but hard to buy without hearing.

jeffrosen's picture

Been curious about the Black Cat cables for quite awhile. Always well reviewed, but hard to buy without hearing.

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I hope a Black Cat crosses my path very soon!

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Nice cables!

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please pick me

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Black cats have always been good luck for me let's hope that is true for this sweepstakes.

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Nice contest

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I could use some new cables. Good luck to me!!

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Has the same ring as Cat Scratch Fever! Would love to try and compare them.

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I would love to hear how the Black Cat cables sound in my system(s).

Be well, Be happy, Be peaceful,

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I seriously need these in my life :-)

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Need cables.

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Those tasty treats would make my system purr!

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Always fun to enter but, alas, I never win. :-(

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I want to test this cable

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These would be great for my new setup, moving everything around in the room to work with my new sub woofers.

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I would love some new cables.

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Great giveaway!

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I would love to get some new cables for my system.

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I’d love free cables

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Thanks for the giveaway! I'm new to Black Cat cables, but look forward to learning more.

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I feel pretty!

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Looking forward to the black cats. Thank you for opportunity!

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created an account to enter this! wb and good luck, Chris. Enjoyed some of your awesome cables in the past (Morpheus and HDXV)

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Would make a nice addition and would love to tweak an already great setup.

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My old Monsters are worn out.