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converting an optical out

I'm trying to hook up my laptop (Sony Vaio) to my stereo receiver (Harman/Kardon 3480--2 channel) in order to play the computer's music library on some nice JBL Hls speakers, and have run into a bit of a problem. I've got the laptop on one of those docking stations, which is supplied with a 'optical out' connections. The problem is that (to the best of my knowledge) the receiver does not have a optical in. To maker matters worse, I'm completely in the dark when it comes to this 'optical' audio business.

So, if I want to get the computer to play music through the reciever, what's my best option? What are the optical conversion options like? What cables would I need? Or should I just go with the standard analog connection?

A big ol' thank you in advance.

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Re: converting an optical out

The receiver that you mentioned doesn't have any digital inputs so you can't use the optical out (that is of course unless you buy a high end Digital to Analog converter that's more expensive than the receiver.) Your best option is probably an analog out which would normally be used for headphones. There are a number of cords that convert from the 3.5 mm jack on most computers to a stereo pair of RCA jacks that that (and most receivers) use. Good luck.

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