Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: Tube preamplifier with phono stage. Inputs: two line-level, one phono, tape. Outputs: two main plus tape. Frequency response: 0.1Hz-600kHz, +0,-3dB (line), 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.2dB (phono). Voltage gain at 1kHz: 26dB (line), 46dB (phono). IHF sensitivity: 0.12mV. Slew rate: 10V/µs (phono), 15V/µs (line), risetime of 0.6µs. THD: less than 0.001% (phono), 0.0005% (line). Noise: 90dBA below 1V (line), 96dBA below 10mV input (phono). Input overload: 100V (line) and 250mV phono. Input impedance: 50k (line), variable on phono, with 47k and 180pF standard.
Dimensions (with feet): 5½" H by 19" W by 12" D, preamp; 4½" H by 12" W by 6" D, power supply. Total weight: 54 lbs.
Price: $3495 (1986), $4950 (1993-1994), $5950 (1996-1999), $5995 (2001). Approximate number of dealers: 12.
Manufacturer: Convergent Audio Technology, 85 High Tech Drive, Rush, NY 14543. Tel: (585) 359-2700. Fax: (585) 359-0797.

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