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Continuum Caliburn Awards

I wanted to take the opportunity here to thank Stereophile for recognizing Continuum Audio Labs with Analog Component of the Year AND Product of the Year. It was an amazing and wonderful surprise to find out about these awards and both myself and the entire crew at Continuum Audio Labs are humbled and honored.

It is amazing to think that, in the 21st Century and the "digital age" that vinyl has been on a steady upsurge and more imaginations have been reignited about LP music reproduction! We're actually living in a time when the most influential music buying group, teenagers, didn't even grow up with records! And yet, I am able to buy brand new vinyl of new bands and old and ... as I flip through the records I am joined by teens and 20-somethings.

Thanks to Stereophile and to Michael Fremer for giving a chance to an absolutely unreasonable Aussie analog upstart company. It's all been one helluva groove-rush!


Chris Sommovigo

Signals-SuperFi, LLC.

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