Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian 'Table w/Viper Tonearm; Constellation Audio Cygnus Media Player/DAC, Andromeda Phono Stage, Pictor Preamp, and Taurus Monoblocks; Magico M2 Speakers

In Munich, audio electronics company Constellation Audio was demoing with Magico M2 loudspeakers ($63,000/pair with M-Pod footers). Spinning vinyl was the Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable ($35,000) w/Viper Tonearm ($10,000) and Ortofon A-95 Cartridge ($6,000). Phono preamplification was, of course, by Constellation—their Andromeda phono stage ($18,000). On the digital side, the source was Constellation's Cygnus Media Player/DAC ($38,000). Constellation's Pictor preamp was in use ($18,000), as was a pair of their Taurus monoblocks ($39,000/pair). The sound was fast, 3D, well-balanced, articulate—and much bigger than I've heard from these Magicos at other shows.

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... their MC A95 cartridge?

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Prices were supplied by Constellations Irv Gross. That one appears to be a bit low.
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we in the press constantly face is that we're supplied with incorrect prices, incomplete equipment lists, and, most frustrating of all, incorrectly spelled model numbers. Too many times have I asked a manufacturer, "Is it M-37 or M37 or M 37, because you spell it at least two ways on your website," only to hear, "Let's go with M37." (I also received, while I was in Munich, one emailed price correction and one major fact correction.) It is much easier to conduct fact checks when we're writing product reviews. To check everything before posting show reports means that posting will be delayed that much longer.