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Connecting 2 Inputs to my new Logitech 5.1 system?

Okay, this is kind of hard to explain so i've provided a link to a picture of my system that will allow you guys to understand it easier. I'm kind of stuck on this so any info you could give me would be great.

I recently bought a Logitech Z-5300E 5.1 surround sound system for my PC. It features a new "Matrix Mode" which allows me to connect a stereo source (DVD Player) and it will emulate 5.1 surround sound with it. The system came with an adaptor to do this. However, the problem I'm having is that I can't connect my PC and my DVD Player at the same time. It's kind of a pain having to switch them on the back of the sub all the time. If you look at the provided picture there are three 3.5mm plugs that go from my computer to the sub to provide the real 5.1 sound. Only the green one is used when I plug in a DVD player to "emulate" the 5.1. What I would like to do is somehow "split" the green plug so I can connect both the stereo adapter and the plug from my PC. I don't want to lose any audio quality though so I have been told to go with an Audio switch opposed to a splitter. I have no idea what to buy though all I can find are ones that will switch stereo sources, not 3.5mm plugs. Does anyone know? I don't want to damage the system or degrade the quality. If possible I'd like to hook a satellite reciever up as well as the DVD Player and PC. This would involve splitting it 3 times or using a "3" switch.

Would using something like this reduce the quality or send to much to the sub and possibly break it?

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Re: Connecting 2 Inputs to my new Logitech 5.1 system?

incase you are still looking for a response, here is a simple solution:

Set the back switch on the sub from "5.1" to "2". Then plug in the DVD to the Green and the Computer to the orange using two 1/8th" to 1/8" cables. There should be a button on your wired remote that will allow you to switch between the two.

I hope that helps.

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