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Computer Speakers

I am in search of a decent 2.1 system for my laptop. I haven't been able to find a system that produces quality sound for music genres ranging from Classical to Metal. All of my speakers in the past have been damaged by any loud rock or metal music, when playing the music at a reasonable volume. Any thoughts?

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Re: Computer Speakers

Have you tried running your computer into a regular home sound system? You may want to look at some to the recording monitors offered at that have built in amps are are generally of pretty good quality. They are generally much better than the computer speakers you will find at say Best Buy. You can hear them if you have a Guitar Center close by you. That is their retail arm. Good Luck. Depending upon the quality you are looking for, a Sony receiver like the STRDE 197 ($150) or the JVC ($230 at J&R Music World) would drive any regular, non-powered, speakers you may like. Often times a amp run into clipping overload will damage drivers faster than just clean high power. If you tend to listen loud, then do not scrimp on output power.

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