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Components of the Year

I was pleasantly surprised to notice that my universal player - Simaudio's MOON Orbiter - made the short list in two categories - Digital Source of the Year & Multi-Channel Component of the Year - which in my assessment sounds better than all three universal players released by Linn (but then again, I made my own adjustments to the player's set-up).
On the other hand, I think that Stereophile missed on reviewing a great digital source released this year by Simaudio: MOON Andromeda, which I am sure would have made the short list.
Has anybody listened to the Andromeda - it includes an Internal 24-bit/705.6kHz upsampling using BurrBrown DF1704 Digital Filter with 16X oversampling and has both performance and design enhancements over the MOON Eclipse?!

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Re: Components of the Year

Again, I apologize for not realizing that I may not be signed in. I periodically clear my web browser's cookies, etc., for security purposes, and I then keep forgetting to sign back in at this and other forums! At any rate, the above post is mine.

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