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Component Rack for Bookcase??

My stereo system (Music Hall 25.2CD/Creek Destiny integrated) currently sits within a 26" x 26" space in our built-in bookcase. Right now, my components are stacked on top of each other, with the cable DVR on top due to the large amount of heat it produces. This is certainly not optimum from many standpoints, not least of which is that the components do not have any "breathing room" and the Destiny in particular gets hotter than I like.

Would love some recommendations on how best to deal with this, whether by adding in a rack system, using risers between the components, etc. Adding additional shelves into this space is not really an option.


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Re: Component Rack for Bookcase??

A long time ago, I had stacked components in a bookshelf, and spread over several shelves. For the heat-generator components, I used additional fans to circulate air around the power amp. The fan was very quiet.

Otherwise give your gear some room to let the heat out.

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