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Component Match

Hi, I am new to Hi-Fi and need advice in terms of matching components. I auditioned the CEC CD3300R which was coupled with Opera Classica Mini Speakers, Antique Sound Labs 1300 tube amp and Transparent The Link 200 speaker cables and interconnect. The sound was well balanced, instruments & vocals, accurate with good details and nice soundstage. Dire Straits sounded fantastic. However, as I don't want to own a tube amp, I have decided to go for a solid state Copland CSA 8 demo unit. Auditioned and liked it. As I am not sure as to how the CSA 8 would sound with the above combination, this is where I need your advice. Yet to purchase the components. What do you guys think of this combination in terms of amp and cables? I mainly listen to Rock Ballad, 80s music, jazz, instrumentals.

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