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Completely new audio cables-different method of conduction.

Magic cables are always on teh front covers of audio selling magzines, always another "breakthrough"!!!! Physics is always being redone in audio selling. Why did it take you 20 years? and all you did was a piece of wire? Esssh Bill Gates made $100 BILLION and lost $60 in 20 years!!! Now why is YOUR piece of wire any different than the previous breakthrough? and to think, all the labs at Philips, GE, Siemns NIST, an dso many others, missed this one. Are you the next Bill Gates? Nobel prize for something, probably not, how much is this magic list price? Cus' HCM usually get's $1,000 wire after it's run it's run of nonsense as "closeouts" for about 1/10 th the original, so much for breakthroughs!!! What won't an audiophile beleive?

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Re: Completely new audio cables-different method of conduction.

I believe I'm an Audiophile..and I believe I've run into an idiot. His handle is DUP. He hides his venom behind a veil of humor, when it fact it is actual venom. Ie, a skeptic wih bias which is really prejudice and bias, not skepticism. He should not be tolerated. You'd have more people here on this forum, without him. Some Pruning is in order.

Back to the subject at hand.

The cables will be formally introduced Soon.

The US distribution, will be headed by Brian Kurtz, a prior incarnation was as the Head of sales and training at Tara Labs. He is now of 'Sound Mind Audio', out of Austin, Texas. 512-377-2834

If one is really interested in the cables, they'd give him a call. I'm having fun with the mystery gambit. I'll not spoil it for him. I'm bursting at the seams with desire to tell people the exact technology in use. Unique it is. Protected too. Fully.

I'll say this, though. If you own any cable over $1000/m or so, in today's value, I'd be very seriously thinking of dumping it now. It is going to be that bad and that different a market. Once you hear what the technology is and why it is so different, you will also agree. Every single person who hears the cable and knows the technology involved agrees. They are all furiously dumping evey single high end cable they own.

Are you ready? Strap in. Here we go!

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